#IWalkedAway when my best friend noticed my injuries. #NoToDomesticAbuse Help your friend to walk away https://t.co/CWA679OZ5j

30 Sep 2016
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#IWalkedAway when my house became a prison- friends helped me see the light. #NoToDomesticAbuse. For help, visit https://t.co/CWA679OZ5j

26 Sep 2016
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World contraception day- The campaign centres around a vision where every pregnancy is wanted https://t.co/e3gL7mxIkr

26 Sep 2016
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Youth Health Matters

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Eating Disorders

NHS Choices says "Eating disorders are characterised by an abnormal attitude towards food that causes someone to change their eating habits and behaviour. A person with an eating disorder may focus excessively on their weight and shape, leading them to make unhealthy choices about food with damaging results to their health."

MIND explains the different types of eating disorders.

What causes an eating disorder? Contributing risk factors include:

  • Genetic vulnerability
  • Psychological factors
  • Socio-cultural influences

Recognising eating problems

It can be hard for someone to know if a young person has an eating problem or disorder. Here are some signs of difficulty which need to be taken seriously.

How family and friends are affected

What's it like to have an eating problem?

In this video Olivia, Shaista, Lilith and Dave talk talk about how living with eating problems has affected them.

For local information and support about eating disorders see here